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ARCOA is the synthesis of design and structure; combining elements of functional tailoring and modern architecture. The design language is influenced by a variety of urban landscapes from our home in New York City to Tokyo. All garments are designed and constructed by hand at our studio in Brooklyn. Every piece is an attempt to redefine the boundary between technical and aesthetic design.

Chinatown Walkthrough


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ARCOA provides well-made functional garments for all ages who value authentic design and craftsmanship. Offering the perspective of a new generation of designers who explore the limits of technical fashion in the context of our urban landscape. Our team develops, constructs, and sources all materials in New York City. We aspire to create garments that will communicate the wearer’s individuality and strive to maintain this through future innovation.

Sewing at Arcoa Design Studio
ARC-J001 & B003 Snow Hill - New York, NY
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